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For any bar, club, restaurant & hotel, GEDA keg lifting equipment makes it simpler and safer to transport kegs and cases to/from storage areas like basements or cellars. Simplifying beer and liquor lifting and handling for the food and beverage industry, GEDA USA Keg Lifts are customized to suit your measurements and application requirements. Specially designed for restaurant and bar owners,

Benefits of Installing a Keg Lift:

  • Reduced inventory loss due to damaged kegs and bottles
  • Improved safety and reduced workload for personnel in charge of transport
  • Space-saving design (installs parallel to stairs)
  • Low-maintenance efficiency
  • Lightweight construction and easy assembly

Manufactured to meet the challenges of food and beverage providers around the globe, GEDA USA keg lifts are a durable, cost-effective way to protect your beverage investment and streamline basement access.

Safety Compliance

In addition, GEDA temporary elevators are built to comply with safety and industry standards, and come with comprehensive warranties. To request information, place custom beer lifting equipment or inquire about bulk pricing, call or email the GEDA USA team today.

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