Personnel Hoists

GEDA PH Construction Elevator

GEDA is one of the leading manufacturers and providers of temporary explosion proof construction personnel and material hoists to the construction industry. The PH 4400, PH6000 and PH 7000 are fully adjustable and customizable to your site specifications and needs, and provide ideal vertical transportation for a variety of industries and projects, such as:

Size Ranges for Construction Personnel Hoist

The loading capacity of this leading-edge twin cage personnel lift tops off at 7054lbs or a total of 30 people. Three lifting speeds are available, up to 295 feet per minute. The PH Construction Elevator is available with cars in three different sizes with lifting heights up to 1312 feet. Choose one of three different control systems for the PH range; stop next landing, single automatic or fully automatic.

Overhead costs, productivity and safety are ongoing concerns on construction sites. Our personnel lifting systems streamline and improve all of these factors. The hoists essentially pay for themselves in time saved, and workers can take a quick ride up to the worksite instead of making a laborious and time-consuming climb multiple times daily. Using GEDA USA construction hoists also creates less “wear and tear” on personnel, which in turn increases productivity, reduces the risk of on-site accidents and heightens worker morale.

Superior Personnel Safety and Lifting Performance

  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Overload protection switches
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Passenger safety lock system
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel frame, tower and skins
  • Corrosive-resistant powder coating
  • Patented flat power cable to reduce twisting
  • Patented over-speed safety brake
  • Non-proprietary parts
  • Robotic-welded 650mmx650mm galvanized mast

GEDA USA goes above and beyond in its craftsmanship of the GEDA PH Construction Elevator range, providing strength, lifespan, safety and reliability of each PH product.

GEDA USA PH 6000 Spec Sheet

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