Helideck Transport Platform

Helideck Transport Platform

GEDA USA’s1500 ZZP Helideck Transport Platforms are the first platforms of their kind in vertical transport for the offshore industry. Our original Helideck Transport Platform is a proprietary design, and is engineered and manufactured to meet your specific baggage handling requirements. This safe and efficient transportation option plays a revolutionary role in a variety of trades, such as the shipping industry and offshore platform installations.

Helideck Transport Platforms


Safely and Efficiently Designed Platforms

Previously, helidecks and heliports were accessible only by ladder due to the dangerous possibility of the helicopter blades coming incontact with tower components. Through leading-edge design and technology, GEDA USA’s highly qualified engineers have created the 1500 ZZP Helideck Transport Platformin lieu of an elevator, revolutionizing vertical transport for heliports. The platform design meets all US and European code requirements, and is the first helideck transport design to be certified by the DNV. The transport of injured employees, cargo or luggage can be achieved with the utmost safety and efficiency with GEDA USA’s one-of-a-kind construction.


Helideck Platform Specifications:

GEDA’s Helideck Transport Platform dimensions measure 10’10”by 4’9” (3.3m by 1.45m), making the car roomy enough to transport injured personnel on a gurney or full-sized stretcher when required. Features of GEDA USA’s proprietary product include:

  • Special anti-corrosive paint finish
  • NEMA 4X stainless steel electrical enclosures
  • User-friendly call-send controls
  • Over speed safety device
  • Lifting heights up to 330 feet (100m)
  • Load capacity of 2200 lbs (1000kg)

Helideck Transport Platform Technical Data

GEDA USA is a leading provider of vertical transportation solutions around the globe. Contact a GEDA USA representative today to learn more about our proprietary Helideck Transport Platforms, or to inquire about pricing and product features.

Helideck Transport Platform

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