MCP 3300 Double Mast Climber Platform - Electrical Scaffold

MCP 3300 Mast Climber

GEDA’s MCP 3300 mast climber or “electrical scaffold” with 3300 pound capacity is a double mast climbing platform that’s unmatched in its performance, safety and durability. Unlike GEDA USA competitors, this heavy-duty piece of equipment is (1) exceedingly easy to handle, (2) can be assembled and dismantled quickly, and (3) reduces access time and streamlines site logistics.

During mast climber platform pedestal assembly, grid supports are used for standard scaffold components, scaffold coatings, guardrails and toeboards. This assembly method is cost-effective and allows the platform to be efficiently used for multiple shifts. GEDA USA is trusted by dozens of industries, and the 3300 pound mast climbing platform epitomizes innovative technology in a modular system. In addition, customers enjoy streamlined assembly directly from the platform, since each of the steel mast segments has captive screws.

Proven benefits of GEDA USA MCP 3300 mast climbersinclude:

  • Maximized safety and stability
  • Low investment and maintenance costs
  • Space-saving transport  
  • Simplified storage and low-effort assembly

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