Service Hoist

GEDA USA Multilift 3300 Elevator

GEDA Multilift 3300

Ideal for construction site access, the GEDA USA Multilift 3300is a state-of-the-art industrial hoist, also known as a service hoist. Engineered with a compact footprint, the Multilift 3300 is a cost-effective solution for construction crews, scaffolders and other tradesmen. Unlike other material hoists, it can carry both materials and personnel at the same time. A single-mast structure, the 3300 utilizes the proprietary GEDA UNI-MAST system, and can carry up to 12 people (fora total of 3300 lbs).

Multilift Features:

  • Enclosed car for personnel security
  • Closed-based enclosure
  • Multi-point control capabilities

The controls of the Multilift 3300 industrial hoist can be accessed from the base enclosure, the car itself or the loading/unloading points. Among other options is the ability to add automatic drive to the landing levels, making the product both versatile and safe.

Elevator Capabilities

The GEDA USA Multilift 3300 maximum lifting height extends to 492 feet with a lifting speed of 79 ft/min. Streamlining any job site, the 3300 allows for quick transport of workers and supplies to any vertical space.The time saved with this type of hoist increases morale and productivity, and can reduce the risk of fatigue-related, onsite accidents.GEDA USA Multilift 3300 Personnel and Material Hoist Spec Sheet

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