Construction Elevators & Hoists


Construction Hoists

GEDA USA provides temporary construction elevators & hoists that allow project managers to decrease overhead cost, increase productivity and improve safety on the job site. Our construction  elevator/hoist essentially pays for itself by providing workers a quick ride up to the worksite instead of making a laborious and time-consuming climb multiple times daily. This time saving technique creates less “wear and tear” on personnel, which in turn increases productivity, reduces the risk of on-site accidents and heightens worker morale. Ideal for transporting both materials and personnel to elevated worksites, construction hoists eliminate the need for separate personnel and materials elevators. You can find our products in a number of industries around the world due to our high quality, and unbeatable on-site performance.

Hoist/Lift Types
Hoist/Lift Products
Product Weight Capacity Personnel Capacity Lift Speed Lift Height PDF
Multilift 4400 Construction Elevator 4400 lbs 20 capacity 78 fpm 115 fpm 330 ft PDF
Multilift 3300 Construction Elevator 3300 lbs 12 persons 130 ft/min 490 ft PDF

Temporary Construction Hoist Safety

At GEDA USA, we know that construction-site safety is of theutmost importance. That is why our temporary construction elevators adhere to all industry standards andsafety requirements, and can be customized to suit your individual siterequirements. Contact GEDA USA to discuss your vertical transportation needs orinquire about construction hoist solutions today.

Construction elevators vary in load-bearingcapacity, maximum lifting heights and lifting speeds, but each hoist featuresthe following safeguards to prevent injury or accident:

  • Enclosed cars
  • Multiple control points
  • Strong galvanized steel
  • Closed base enclosure
  • Safety locks
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