Personnel and Materials Hoist

Construction hoists that can carry both personnel and materials help to create a more effective and productive workplace. The expert engineers at GEDA USA have Multilift Construction Elevators for this purpose. As a permanent vertical transport installation, delivering supplies to the work site has never been easier or safer. Choose from our two models below:

Multilift Features:

  • Twin masts for hoisting more than 1.5 tons
  • Enclosed cars for added safety
  • Pre-selection control for automatic drive option
  • Closed base enclosure

GEDA USA is proud to offer a series of highly-rated, long-lasting vertical transportation solutions in both temporary and permanent installations. All products are easy to assemble and install, are user-friendly, and are backed by a comprehensive warranty. Call or email GEDA USA to discuss your vertical transport needs and options.

Hoist/Lift Products
Product Weight Capacity Personnel Capacity Lift Speed Lift Height PDF
Multilift 4400 Construction Elevator 4400 lbs 20 capacity 78 fpm 115 fpm 330 ft PDF
Multilift 3300 Construction Elevator 3300 lbs 12 persons 130 ft/min 490 ft PDF

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