Construction Hoists & Elevators

Construction Hoists

GEDA’s German Engineered and manufactured personnel and material elevators set the industry standard for safe, and reliable vertical transportation on commercial construction and industrial job sites. GEDA USA provides temporary construction hoists & elevators that allow general contractors to decrease overhead cost, increase productivity and improve safety on the job site. Our construction hoists provide workers with a smooth, and fast ride up to the worksite instead of making a time-consuming climb multiple times daily. This time-saving technique creates less “wear and tear” on personnel, which in turn increases productivity, reduces the risk of on-site accidents and heightens worker morale. Ideal for transporting both materials and personnel to elevated worksites, construction hoists eliminate the need for separate personnel and materials elevators. You can find our products in several industries around the world due to our high quality, and unbeatable on-site performance.

Hoist/Lift Types


Temporary Construction Hoist Safety

At GEDA we know that construction-site safety is of the utmost importance. That is why our temporary construction elevators are designed and assembled to adhere to all industry standards and safety requirements and undergo a series of rigorous and extensive testing.

GEDA’s construction hoist modular design offers several optional cab lengths, and vary in load-bearing capacity, maximum lifting heights and lifting speeds.

Product Safety Features:

    • Enclosed cars and base enclosures
    • Overspeed safety device - self-manufactured, tested and certified by a leading certification organization
    • Un-counterweighted design
    • Overload sensors
    • Variable Frequency Drive for smooth start and stop
    • Mechanical and electrical interlock door system
    • Multiple safety mechanical and electrical limit switches
    • High-strength steel structural components
    • Hot dipped galvanized steel and corrosion resistant powder coating finish
    • Communication system
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