Helideck Transport Platform

GEDA Revolutionizes Offshore Heliport Access


Helideck Transport Platform

GEDA USA, the leading manufacturer of rack and pinion industrial elevator and hoist solutions, expanded its line of elevators, hoists and lifts for offshore drilling operations to include the Helideck Transport Platform.

The Helideck Transport Platform's innovative design has revolutionized access to offshore heliports. Access to heliports was previously limited to ladders due to the danger of helicopter blades coming in contact with an elevator's high tower components. GEDA's engineers designed a unique personnel transport platform and baggage lift that requires a maximum of 1.5 meters of total tower above the deck, thus providing safe vertical transport to the helideck. The personnel transport platform and baggage lift platform configuration is large enough to provide easy, efficient access to and from the heliport for injured personnel, cargo and equipment. The Helideck Transport Platform is the first helideck transport system to be certified by the DNV.

Helideck Transport Platform Technical Data

GEDA USA's Helideck Transport Platform joins the full line of high quality, rugged offshore elevators, hoists and platforms designed for heavy duty vertical lifting on all types of offshore vessels. GEDA's elevators, vertical reciprocating conveyors,and hoists are used to provide safe, efficient lifting for semi-submersibles, platform topsides, SPAR platforms and floating production storage and offloading systems (FPSO) for hull columns, derricks, and living quarters. Available in a wide range of capacities, platform dimensions and lift speeds to accommodate personnel, equipment, or both, they are equipped with full safety features. Explosion-proof designs using the latest technology and safety innovations are available.

GEDA specializes in designing and manufacturing elevators and hoists for harsh marine environments, including areas that have been classified as hazardous. Manufactured to meet the weather, vibration and impact requirements demanded by offshore installations, GEDA's elevators leverage the latest German technology and industry expertise to provide superior performance in the harshest environments. Rack and pinion design eliminates the need for separate machine rooms thus reducing overall weight, and allows the elevators and hoists to be installed in narrow spaces within a structure, saving critical space on a drilling platform.

All of GEDA's elevators and hoists are designed to meet or exceed ANSI 17.1 and other industry codes, including EN-81, ATEX, DNV, ABS, NORSOK, OSHA and the US Coast Guard standards. GEDA is also ISO 9001:2008 compliant, and is a proud member of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA).


For over 80 years, GEDA has been a leading manufacturer of innovative, superior-quality vertical transportation equipment. GEDA has earned a worldwide reputation for manufacturing high quality, rugged rack and pinion hoists and elevators that are among the safest and most reliable in the industry. Headquartered in Germany, GEDA's product line includes material and personnel hoists and elevators of all capacities, from small rope hoists to large construction elevators. All GEDA rack and pinion lifts and hoists can be certified to meet ANSI A17.1 and EN-81. GEDA is also DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 compliant and is a proud member of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA).

GEDA USA Elevator and Material Lift Company is the US subsidiary of GEDA and specializes in the Offshore industry. We provide turnkey services including engineering, sales, installations, service, spare parts, and refurbishments. Located in Houston, Texas, our experienced team of management professionals, engineers, technicians and quality control specialists are experts in the industry and committed to the highest level of client satisfaction.

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