Rack & Pinion Elevators

Rack and Pinion Elevator

What is a Rack and Pinion Elevator?

Designed to move personnel and cargo in a variety of industrial settings, GEDA USA’s rack and pinion elevator, also called rack and pinion lift, set the global standard for safe, efficient vertical access. Equipped with a drive assembly on the car platform, elevator power is provided by a motor driving a pinion gear. Each pinion gear operates on a stationary rack connected to a supported tower, and GEDA rack and pinion elevator systems can be manufactured with various cab sizes, capacities and control options. Elevators are also manufactured with an independent over-speed safety device, consisting of a governor-operated brake and separate pinion (operating on the same rack).

Rack and Pinion Elevator Standards

Proven to increase productivity and safety for facility owners and crew managers, GEDA USA rack and pinion systems provide a competitive advantage over traditional traction-style industrial elevators. Each unit can be installed on building and structure exteriors, allowing for expanded production space. In addition, there is no machine room required, no hoistway required, and no overhead loads necessary. Steel support sizes are reduced, and installation can be completed quickly and more cost effectively than conventional elevators. In addition, each state-of-the-art elevator also allows for frequent inspections and provides a safe means of evacuation during emergency situations.

Rack and Pinion & Industrial Elevator Standard Product Line

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Safety Compliance

GEDA USA rack and pinion elevators are designed to meet the guidelines of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME A17.1 Part 5.7 for Special Purpose Elevators, and Part 4,Section 4.1 Rack and Pinion Elevators—or the European Standard EN81-80:2003:Safety Rules for the Construction and Installation of Goods and Passenger Lifts. Systems also meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A-10.4 Safety Requirements for Personnel Hoists or Construction Elevators. Contact the GEDA USA team to learn more about our extensive product line, or to inquire about project pricing and delivery times.

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