Rack & Pinion Elevators

Rack and Pinion Elevator

What is a Rack and Pinion Elevator?

GEDA USA’s rack and pinion elevators set the global standard for safe, and reliable vertical transportation of personnel and cargo in a variety of industrial applications. GEDA Rack & Pinion elevators are typically installed in structures such as grain silos, bridge towers, underground facilities, dams, power plants, cement plants, offshore platforms, refineries, and petrochemical plants.

The elevator car is equipped with a drive assembly located on top of the roof platform, and the elevator power is provided by an electric motor (s) drive shaft driving a pinion gear. Each pinion gear operates on a stationary rack connected to a supported tower, allowing the car to be driven up or down on command. An electric multiple-disc brake on the motor is used to stop the car travel.

GEDA rack & pinion drive elevators are also equipped with our patented, independent over-speed safety device, consisting of a governor-operated brake and separate pinion operating on the same rack. This totally automatic safety device operates independently of the elevator’s brake system.

GEDA rack and pinion elevator systems can be manufactured with various cab sizes, capacities and control options that include a variable frequency drive system. The VFD maintains control of the motor, providing the maximum amount of motor developed torque through all ranges of operation, and allows for a smooth start and stop, and achieves landing level accuracy when used with an encoder system.

Rack and Pinion Elevator Standards

GEDA’s product line of industrial elevators, transport platforms, and construction hoists are ANSI code compliant and meet stringent U.S., European, and international quality and safety standards. In addition, GEDA has been certified to meet DIN ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety. We are also a proud member of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), and the Committee of European Construction Equipment (CECE)

Proven to increase productivity and safety for facility owners and crew managers, GEDA USA rack and pinion systems provide a competitive advantage over traditional traction-style elevators. Each unit can be installed on building and structure exteriors, allowing for expanded production space. In addition, there is no machine room required, no hoistway required, and no overhead loads necessary. Steel support sizes are reduced, and installation can be completed quickly and more cost effectively than conventional elevators. In addition, each state-of-the-art elevator also allows for frequent inspections and provides a safe means of evacuation during emergency situations.

Rack and Pinion & Industrial Elevator Standard Product Line

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Safety Compliance

GEDA USA rack and pinion elevators are designed to meet the guidelines of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME A17.1 Part 5.7 for Special Purpose Elevators, and Part 4,Section 4.1 Rack and Pinion Elevators—or the European Standard EN81-80:2003:Safety Rules for the Construction and Installation of Goods and Passenger Lifts. Systems also meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A-10.4 Safety Requirements for Personnel Hoists or Construction Elevators. Contact the GEDA USA team to learn more about our extensive product line, or to inquire about project pricing and delivery times.

Rack & Pinion Elevator Services Offered

Permanent Elevator Installations: GEDA USA offers turnkey elevator installations performed by factory trained expert elevator mechanics and can offer the option for supervision only by our certified elevator inspectors (QEI).

Temporary Construction Elevator Installations: GEDA USA offers turnkey construction hoist installations, jumps or erection of tower sections during vertical construction of high-rise buildings, elevator dismantles using on-site cranes or gin pole cranes when tower cranes are not available.

Construction Hoist Rentals: GEDA Construction hoists are designed to provide safe and reliable vertical transportation of personnel, workers, and material from grade to an elevated level on a building or structure for use in conjunction with the construction, alteration, maintenance, or demolition of a building, structure or other work. GEDA USA offers construction elevator rental contracts for commercial construction, power plant outages, petrochemical plant turnarounds, and bridge construction. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, we can provide new equipment with the latest generation in design, travel speeds, and lifting capacities. Standard Lifting capacities ranging from 4400Lbs to 7,000Lb. As an option, we can provide construction hoists equipped with 10’ wide “C” Doors (opposite side of tower) that provide additional flexibility when loading and unloading at grade.

Elevator Dismantles: GEDA USA offers temporary rental construction hoist dismantles, utilizing mobile cranes or gin pole cranes when tower cranes are not available.

Certified Drop Tests: GEDA USA offers drop tests of the overspeed safety brake, and third-party elevator assessments. We can also deliver certified test weights to perform the test as an option.

Operational Training: GEDA USA offers onsite operational training of construction hoists, transport platforms, and material lifts. We also offer advance training courses that cover all electrical, mechanical, installation procedures.

Monthly or Quarterly Maintenance Service Contracts: GEDA USA offers preventive elevator maintenance contracts, tailored to your needs, including monthly, quarterly, and annual inspections and drop tests.

Elevator Repairs: GEDA USA offers leading, reliable elevator maintenance and repairs

Technical Elevator Support: GEDA USA offers long term maintenance agreements, service contracts, including 24/7/365 access to emergency service support. GEDA’s latest line of Elevators also offers the option of remote monitoring.

Elevator Assessments and Testing: GEDA USA offers jobsite elevator surveys, equipment assessments, and component testing

Engineering Services: GEDA USA offers turnkey engineering services, application engineering, general arrangement drawings, structural loads, custom engineering, and CSI format specifications or technical narratives.

Certified Elevator Assesments by Licensed QEI: GEDA offers elevator assessment reports

Elevator Surveys: GEDA USA offers elevator equipment surveys, and recommended equipment upgrades, and/or refurbishments.

Spare Part Sales: GEDA service and parts availability is one of our top priorities, and that is why GEDA elevators are equipped with Non-Proprietary electrical components and motors from the leading global manufacturers that are readily available worldwide. GEDA manufactures 90% of all structural components in-house and has a large selection of spare parts available at our distribution center in Houston or Germany.

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