Vertical Transportation Products

Vertical Transportation Products

Committed to the safety and efficiency of our industry partners, GEDA USA designs and engineers vertical transportation solutions for the construction, mining, manufacturing, petrochemical, power, cement and pulp/paper industries. Trusted for the safe, convenient transport of personnel, cargo and materials, GEDA rack & pinion elevators, hoists, lifts, and ladders are ideally suited for temporary and permanent installations in virtually any industrial setting.

Known for their German engineering and high-performance design, GEDA USA rack & pinion hoists and elevators utilize state-of-the-art technology to meet your site goals. All GEDA products are manufactured by an experienced team of engineers, technicians and quality control specialists, and can be customized to suit your unique project requirements or site dimensions.

Insistent upon delivering an exceptional customer experience with every product sale, GEDA USA guarantees the quality, durability and affordability of our transport products. Contact our team today to inquire about elevator features, product pricing and equipment customization.

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