Furniture Hoist

GEDA Furniture Hoist

Lifting Furniture to Balcony

The GEDA USA Furniture Hoists are a helpful tool when furniture will not fit into an elevator or your building does not have a service elevator. Our furniture hoist and industrial service hoist comes in a range which includes state-of-the-artStandard, Comfort and Perfect models. The easy-to-assemble furniture lifting hoist makes the transportation of oversized, heavy objects a smooth and safe operation, even in the most challenging locations.We offer construction elevator rentals and permanent options.

Furniture Hoist and Lift Features

  • Height adjustability
  • Manual winch
  • Angle track section
  • Ample space for operator and supplies

The GEDA USA Furniture Hoist is safe and efficient,carrying up to 551 lbs to a maximum lifting height of 60’ 1/2”. The product isan ideal solution for removing large cargo from the higher floors of your homeor office. Lifting speeds range from a static 82 feet per minute for theStandard, to multiple speed options for the Comfort and Perfect models. Choosebetween rigid and moveable/turning platforms according to your specific needs.

GEDA USA is a premier provider of vertical special purpose hoist solutions and industrial service hoist in a wide range of industries and serves clients across the globe.Call or email GEDA USA to learn more about our removal hoist products, or to requestinformation about other high-performance elevator lines.

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