Quality Standards

GEDA USA’s line of vertical transportation products are being engineered and manufactured to meet the highest quality and performance standards to ensure safe, rugged, reliable performance in demanding industrial and commercial environments. We offer permanent and temporary installations and custom products for unique applications, supported by world-class customer service from your very first call throughout installation and training and for its entire lifecycle.

GEDA is committed to continuous research and development to engineer improvements for existing products and to develop new, innovative elevators, transport platforms, hoists, and man lifts. We invest 10% of profits each year into research and development to improve performance, product quality, and safety. For specific information about the registered GEDA patents, please contact us.

  • GEDA’s state-of-the-art products set new benchmarks for innovative solutions that meet the market needs and demands of our customers.
  • We hold a number of patents on key systems and components used in our products, and our focus on product innovation, and develop resulting in new patent filings.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing processes allow us to produce our elevators, hoists, and lifts cost-effectively while maintaining the highest quality standards.
  • GEDA uses high quality materials and non-proprietary electrical components and motors with proven performance from top global manufacturers in our commitment to our customers to provide a superior quality product with a reduced cost of ownership.
  • All our employees are focused on quality management and are proactive in identifying potential issues and correcting them. Our engineering, manufacturing, and support teams undergo continuous training in quality management.
  • Our high quality standards require stringent quality monitoring and testing throughout design and manufacturing, ensuring that our products performance well in harsh, demanding environments.

GEDA’s product line of industrial elevators, transport platforms, and construction hoists are ANSI code compliant and meet stringent U.S., European, and international quality and safety standards. In addition, GEDA has been certified to meet DIN ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety. We are also a proud member of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), and the Committee of European Construction Equipment (CECE).

GEDA’s experienced team of management professionals, engineers, technicians and quality control specialists are experts in the industry and committed to the highest level of client satisfaction Since 1929.

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