Transport Platforms

Industrial Transport Platforms

Transport platforms give industrial site managers the option of moving both materials and personnel lifts at the same time, so there’s no need for two separate elevator devices. GEDA USA offers a variety of heavy-duty freight elevator platform sizes and configurations to facilitate moving even the largest and bulkiest of heavyloads. Transport platforms are an ideal tool of the trade for the scaffolding industry. 

transport platform

As a permanent structure, a material or personnel transport platform is at the ready at all times, creating a safe and efficient workplace. Authorized, trained personnel can ride up to the worksite in mere minutes, eliminating the time and energy spent climbing countless flights of stairs. As a result, personnel are more productive, happier—and less prone to fatigue-related accidents and injuries.

GEDA USA heavy-duty elevator transport platforms are available in single or twin mast installations, are equipped with safety features both in the car and at the landing levels, and can be customized to fit existing equipment and locations with ease. Load-bearing capacities and lift speeds vary with each model.

GEDA USA is an innovator in the field of vertical transportation solutions, and holds safety as a top priority. Call or email GEDA to learn more about personnel and material transport platforms today.

Hoist/Lift Types
Hoist/Lift Products
Product Weight Capacity Personnel Capacity Lift Speed Lift Height PDF
TP 1100 Transport Platform 1100 lbs 1875 lbs for material 4 persons 40/80/ft/min 330ft PDF
TP 4400 Transport Platform 4400 lbs 7 persons 40/80/ft/min 330 ft PDF

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