Material Hoists & Construction Material Lifts

GEDA USA is a global supplier of material lifts,construction hoist rentals, solar panel lifts and indutrial hoists. These platform lifts are used by scaffolders, emergency personnel and construction crews to quickly and safely lift materials from ground levels to a designated height. The goal of the company is to manufacture durable, safe material hoists engineered to suit a variety of temporary and permanent installation requirements. Providing efficient, timely transport of cargo, tools and construction materials, GEDA gear rack hoists offer many proven benefits over rope suspended designs. We offer permanent and rental material hoist options.

Material Hoist Lift Benefits:

  • Steel mast system for easy assembly 
  • Reliable, intuitive handling
  • Built-in mechanisms for personnel and site safety
  • Robust construction and functionality
  • Lightweight, customized platform sizes




Hoist/Lift Products
Product Weight Capacity Personnel Capacity Lift Speed Lift Height PDF
Ladder Lift 550 lbs - 70 ft/min 100 ft PDF
Solar Lift 550 lbs - 70 ft/min 100 ft PDF
MH 660 Material Hoist 660 lbs - 95 ft/min 330 ft PDF
MH 660 Boiler Hoist 660 lbs - 75 ft/min 330 ft PDF

Safety Compliance

Simplifying multi-level construction, maintenance and rebuilding, GEDA USA’s material lifts and conveyors are an affordable way to meet your jobsite challenges while protecting crew members and complying with safety standards. A material hoist can be certified to meet ANSI A10.5 and EN 12158, and are available in custom sizes, collapsible designs and varying cargo lifting capabilities. Place your order or request more information by calling or emailing the GEDA USA team today.

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