Explosion Proof Elevators

explosion proof elevator

To protect the livelihood of your employees and company assets in all types of vertical transport, GEDA provides premium explosion proof elevators. During design and manufacturing, we take special precautions to meet hazardous classified locations, zones, and atmospheres where concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or dusts occur. The most successful industrial businesses have a number of common qualities, not least of which is using the best available equipment, materials, and personnel. This is especially true for industries where hazardous conditions such as explosions are an everyday concern. No business can excel with unreliable or unsafe equipment—or by failing to take care of its employees and materials. Contact us to learn more about our explosion proof hoist rentals. 

Hazardous Area Elevator Safety

An industry leader in the design and construction of vertical transportation solutions, GEDA's rack & pinion EX elevators designed for permanent installation for hazardous area classifications meet NEC, ANSI/NFPA 70 regulations to meet the requirements of the petrochemical and refining industry. GEDA's personnel material elevators also meet ATEX 94/9/EC Equipment Directives: European Union safety measures that control the type of equipment permitted in highly volatile, dangerous work areas. GEDA explosion proof lifts are completely secured to maximize the protection of personnel and materials. In addition, if gas does seep in, any potential explosion is fully contained within the elevator’s NEMA 7 enclosures.

Quality and Compliance

While GEDA USA insists upon compliance of all regulations when designing and manufacturing our explosion-proof elevators, we never sacrifice quality or performance. GEDA has built its reputation on providing the most reliable, effective product lines in the industry, and manufacturing, chemical, refining, offshore, and military organizations depend on us to supply safe and reliable transportation solutions the world over.

GEDA industrial elevators are designed to excel in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, whether or not hazardous conditions exist. GEDA rental elevators are also available in certified explosion-proof duty designs with intrinsically safe electrical components that meet the hazardous area classification safety requirements for the petrochemical and refining industry.

GEDA Personnel & Material XP Construction Hoist
Machine TypeConfigurationCapacityLifting HeightRated SpeedMotor Pack TypeHeightLengthWidthData Sheet
GEDA PH6000 XP Single Cab 6000 lbs. MAX 150m 196 ft/min. VFD 6 ft. 10in. 12 ft. 2in. 4 ft. 11in. PDF

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