Power Plant Safety & Evacuation of Personnel

power plant elevatorsThere is a requirement for increased operational safety at both existing and new power plant safety worldwide. GEDA designed a larger elevator platform to meet both operational and emergency evacuation requirements. Our elevators provide access to some of the most hazardous and difficult-to-reach areas of power plants. GEDA's engineers recognized that providing safe, reliable evacuation for plant workers, including injured workers, can save lives during an emergency.

Safety Elevators & Hoists

GEDA's elevators and hoists provide safe, efficient lifting for personnel and equipment for ongoing operations, maintenance and repairs for chimneys, FGDs, HRSGs, SCRs, towers, silos, boilers, precipitators, turbines and all large structures at the power plants.

GEDA has a selection of lifting equipment designed for industrial and hazardous operations, thereby minimizing the risk of an accident. In the event of an accident, the equipment includes safety features which reduce the damage and provide protection for the plant staff.

How Do Service Elevators Help in Emergencies?

Service elevators are a prime example of operating equipment that should serve a dual role - providing access to the large structures for routine operations and most importantly safe evacuation of staff during an emergency. Some of the features to consider in these dual roles are the following:

  • Is the cab large enough to accommodate gurneys, emergency equipment and first responders?
  • Will the capacity allow for larger-scale evacuations and to move emergency equipment to the accident site more efficiently?
  • In the event of a power failure, is it possible to lower the elevator to the nearest landing, or all the way to the bottom by gravity?
  • Is it a hazardous environment requiring explosion-proof controls?

GEDA elevators are able to handle all of the above and MORE!

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