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Scaffolding Hoists

Offering premium vertical lift solutions for a wide range of industries, GEDA USA manufactures guided and unguided Wire Rope Scaffolding Hoists for rugged, reliable performance, time after time. Ideal for scaffolders, roofers, carpenters, painters and plaster contractors, rope hoists are a cost-saving, safe way to transport your construction materials.

Scaffold Hoist Benefits:

  • High-performance, low-maintenance design
  • Customized load-bearing capacities
  • Industry-best warranties and engineering support
  • Space-saving design for universal utility

GEDA USA Scaffolding Hoist Spec Sheet

GEDA USA MAXI Scaffolding Hoist Spec Sheet

Committed to improving the efficiency and safety of your job site, GEDA USA is a trusted vertical transport leader providing quality material hoists. Contact GEDA USA to inquire about Wire Rope Scaffolding Hoist pricing, specifications or delivery times, or to learn more about our unguided and guided lift solutions.

Hoist/Lift Types

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