Unguided Bottom Mounted Hoist

Unguided (Bottom Mounted) Scaffolding Hoists

GEDA USA introduces the bottom-mounted unguided rope hoist,a versatile vertical transport solution designed to safely carry construction materials to heights of 265 feet. The unguided rope hoist is an ideal tool for a variety of professionals, including:

  • Painters
  • Roofers
  • Scaffolders
  • Plaster contractors
  • Carpenters

For safety and convenience, the drive of the rope drum is attached to the bottom of the scaffolding unit. A swivel arm attachment can be placed at the top of the scaffolding structure.

GEDA USA’s durable Wire Rope Hoist eliminates the need for scaffolders to carry heavy equipment as they climb to the work area, thus conserving strength and saving time. Focused on decreasing worker fatigue and improving efficiency, GEDA USA specializes in creating a safer, more productive work environment for your personnel.

The lifting height of GEDA Wire Rope Hoists is 130 feet,which can be extended to 265 feet through higher placement of the winch.

GEDA USA is committed to creating innovative, safe and reliable scaffolding hoists. Engineering robust transport solutions for any job site, GEDA USA customizes designs to your unique application and budget requirements. Call or email a service representative to inquire about the bottom-mounted unguided rope hoist or any of our temporary or permanent lift and elevator products.

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