Terms and Conditions


Installation and operating permits are not GEDA responsibility.


Payment Terms for Equipment:

One Hundred (100%) due prior to shipping

Fifty (50%) down payment with purchase order
Fifty (50%) due NET 30 Days of invoice following delivery

One Hundred (100%) due NET 30 Days of invoice following delivery

Net seven (7) days after delivery.


If cancellation occurs after purchase order but prior to placing orders for materials, cancellation charges shall be 20% of total equipment amount.

If cancellation occurs after purchase order and after GEDA placing orders for materials, cancellation charges shall be 60% of equipment amount.

If cancellation occurs after fabrication begins, cancellation charges shall be 100% of the equipment amount.


Taxes are not included in this proposal. Any federal, state, property or sales/use taxes are the responsibility of Purchaser.


GEDA USA shall warrant to Purchaser that the parts of the Equipment shall be fit for ordinary use, so long as the use is consistent with the permitted uses for GEDA Equipment in the documentation made available by GEDA, for a Twelve (12) month period. This limited warranty shall not apply in the event of misuse, improper unloading, improper storage by Purchaser, abuse, neglect, improper maintenance or acts of God. This limited warranty is to last twelve (12) months from date of installation, not to exceed eighteen (18) months from date of shipment.

The sole remedies for any failures covered by these warranties shall be the repair or replacement of the warranted Equipment, determined at the sole option of GEDA USA. Replacement parts will be shipped on an F.O.B. Asbach-Bäumenheim, Germany, or Houston, Texas. Customer is required to return defective parts within (7) days to GEDA USA freight prepaid

These limited warranties are provided in lieu of all other warranties whether implied at law, by custom or by trade, or express, and are the sole warranties GEDA provides for the equipment. GEDA expressly disclaims any and all other warranties, including the warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


GEDA USA will not be responsible for damages of any kind incurred due to late truck arrivals or delays in shipping. Customer is to provide crane and forklift for unloading, erection, jumps, dismantling and load out of the hoist.


Proposed equipment meets the safety requirements of ANSI A92.10 Transport Platforms. Compliance with any codes or regulations in excess of ANSI A92.10 is not a part of this proposal.


Hoist complies with ANSI A10.4 Personnel Hoist and OSHA requirements. Local permits and inspection costs are the responsibility of the customer. Code requires that the hoist be drop tested every six (6) months. In some areas, local authorities may require more frequency testing. All fees and expenses associated with these required drop tests are the responsibility of the customer. GEDA USA can provide a serviceman to perform the hoist drop test on a fee basis. The customer shall furnish the test weights.


GEDA USA will require an insurance certificate to cover the value of the rented equipment and a general liability certificate to cover the use of the equipment. These certificates must designate GEDA USA as Loss Payee and Additional Insured.


This quotation shall remain valid for thirty (30) days.

Do not accept delivery if material is damaged. All damage(s) must be noted on bill of lading at time of delivery and GEDA USA notified within (24) hours; For any material discrepancy between the customer order/packing slip and actual material received, the customer must notify GEDA USA within (24) hours receiving material;; Customer is responsible for providing to GEDA USA any documenting and/or photographs to substantiate a damage or discrepancy claim; Customer signature for delivered material is customer acceptance of material received in good condition. Estimated freight;; GEDA USA is not responsible for transit times; Transit times are an estimate provided to GEDA USA directly from the carrier; Unless otherwise stated there is no guarantee for transit times:


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