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GEDA Slope Lift

Material Slope Lift

Designed for homes and businesses constructed on steepinclines or hillsides, GEDA’s Slope Lift (also known as a Hanglift) makes hauling easy. The incline material lift is a compactbut powerful solution for transporting loads up to 441 lbs, and it can beassembled up to a ladder length of 262’, 5 10/16”.

GEDA USA’s incline material lifts are temporary elevator solutions that can be installed at virtuallyany angle, GEDA’s Slope Lift saves homeowners time, money and effort duringcargo or equipment transport. Best of all, the hoist can be guided from the topor bottom of the hill with our state-of-the-art control unit.

To request a customized incline material lift/elevator specific to your needs, inquire aboutother compact vertical transport solutions or discuss your site requirementswith our engineering team, contact GEDA USA today. 


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